Giving Back

Giving Back

Every time you purchase a Bella Bundles product, a portion of the proceeds goes to Angels Family Foster Network.

Angels Foster Family Network is a non-profit organization that tries to transform the foster care system one baby to family at a time. The distinctive Angels program is the only San Diego licensed foster agency that focuses on babies, ages newborn to twenty-four months. They believe by placing babies in loving homes where families have been especially trained and cautiously screened, infants will be able to have the critical attachment phase that is necessary in developing bonds and trust.

Click here to learn about the Angels Family Foster Network and how you can help.

Our Mission

From the inception of Bella Bundles, owner and designer, Julie Feldman has always wanted to create a business that “gave back.” Through her travels and experiences in volunteering, she has seen first hand how important it is for everyone to do what they can to give back.

At Bella Bundles we hope to do our best in helping to change the world one donation at a time. We hope to grow our mission as our business grows. Stay tuned.......