Here's what customers are saying:

Archdiva, Etsy.com: "These baby blankets and bibs are just too awesome! So much better than the stereotypical pink bunnies and blue toy boats that fill the big box stores. Bella Bundles has a lovely array of funky -- and reversible! -- bibs and blankets many of which match. Perfect for the hippest baby in your life -- and the parents who don't want cookie-cutter baby items."

Mara, posies&ponies boutique: "I NEED MORE BELLA BUNDLES!! The feedback has been great! When I describe its other functions they LOVE the idea. I think you've got a wonderful product and my customers agree. :)"

Corinne, Happy Customer: "I love your blankets. They are so comfortable and cozy. The "blanket on the go" works so with my infant carrier. I can nurse on the plane!
I love it!"

Jen, Happy Customer: "The blanket on the go rocks! I keep buying them for all my friends with babies. It never falls off my stroller or my ergo carrier."

David, Happy Customer: "So cute. This was really the perfect gift. My friends loved having this for their kids."