Bella Sleep Sack

Bella Bundles Sleep Bundles are made to be stylish, cozy and functional. We wanted to make a Sleep Bundle that not only fits on the little ones, but is also available in sizes to fit toddlers too!  It replaces a baby or toddlers loose bed blanket that can interfere with safety during sleep. The Sleep Bundle is a cozy, plush blanket that they can not kick off during sleep ensuring a restful and safe nights sleep.

100% cotton, lined with a soft plush fabric to keep your baby warm and bundled.  

Small Fits 6 mos - 12 mos

Large Fits 12 mos - 24 mos

We want to make sure that the products we make are eco-friendly and earth conscious. Our fabric contains no heavy metals, known toxins, AZOs or formaldehyde.