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This is my life - one day at a time

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 This is my life - one step at a time: Julie - Porter and I joined an old friend and her play group.  Lots of tots running around! It was a great time.  Didn’t get much work done, but sometimes that is just what is necessary. Sabrina - Today you did two unique things.  One was fabulously exciting and the other was not so fabulous.....First, you whistled!  I was so excited to hear you do it and tried to make a big deal about it so you would feel proud.  You did. You were very proud of yourself, it was rather cute....

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COLIC - Take one. Child one.

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  Sabrina was a scheduled C - Section.  Born 3 1/2 weeks early due to Placenta Previa.  From the beginning she cried night and day.  I remember when she was just two days old I had my first break down in the hospital.  The nurse had yelled at me for not being able to stop my baby from crying.  What she didn’t realize was that my baby was crying all the time and no matter what I did, nothing seemed to help.  After 4 days of no sleep, C-section pain and soar nipples I was temporarily rescued.  A nurse came...

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