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...And then there were 3!

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To All my blog readers, I had the best of intentions this summer to let you in on the "Day and life" of me, Bella Bundles and all that takes place in between.  Shortly after I wrote the first summer "Day and the Life" blog; I found out some news that rocked my world....frankly, good and bad.... Baby number 3 decided to make a surprise entry.  I was a bit shocked.  Soon after the shock started to wear off, I began to get a bad case of morning sickness that lasted ALL DAY.  It wasn't until 5pm did I begin...

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Working Out, Mommy Style

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I’m fortunate in that I have always had a love affair with exercise. I know for some people, OK... most people, dedicating the time and energy to physical fitness can be a drain or just a pain. As a former exercise and Pilates trainer, I had many clients that I knew did not want to be at the gym sweating it out for an hour. The time that I spend daily on my workouts is not only the clichéd ‘me time’ but a great way to work through life’s stressful moments, a time to spend reflecting on decisions that need to...

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This is my life - one day at a time

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 This is my life - one step at a time: Julie - Porter and I joined an old friend and her play group.  Lots of tots running around! It was a great time.  Didn’t get much work done, but sometimes that is just what is necessary. Sabrina - Today you did two unique things.  One was fabulously exciting and the other was not so fabulous.....First, you whistled!  I was so excited to hear you do it and tried to make a big deal about it so you would feel proud.  You did. You were very proud of yourself, it was rather cute....

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 I can’t believe I am about to admit this, because undoubtedly you will think I am a bit looney.  I assure you that after two kids, a business and not enough sleep, I probably am.   I work out weekly at the gym.  In fact, most of my good business ideas come to me mid-sweat.   However, quite a lot of random thoughts and impulses enter my brain too.  For example, do you ever get the urge to just get off that treadmill and start dancing to the music on your ipod?  Do the Black Eyed Peas ever make you...

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