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New Mom Gift Ideas

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Springtime is baby time.  This time of year is when most babies are born and the baby showers are happening a-plenty.  This blog post is meant for readers that will be attending baby showers for first time moms and best gift suggestions that are of necessity for these new moms.  Now, some of these items may not be glamorous or cute or ‘fun’ to buy but that’s OK.  In the past I’ve heard comments from new moms that nothing on their baby shower list was received; all she got were items that the guests wanted to buy for the baby. ...

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Dolce & Gabbana Perfume For Babies. WHAT THE...?

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I read an article last week reporting on a new Dolce & Gabbana fragrance for babies. Yep, you read that right—FRAGRANCE FOR BABIES. The ‘scented water’ contains notes of melon, citrus and honey and will set you back $45. But hey, that’s the price you pay for your baby to smell haute couture, right? While speaking of a baby’s scent, I’m pretty sure the natural essence of a babe is a quality that is enjoyed and treasured by most. It’s a unique smell that is fleeting; lasting for a small period of time until the baby soon turns into a...

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How to fly home for the holidays with kids......

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 How to fly home for the holidays with kids......   Every Thanksgiving my sister and brother and our ever growing families descend upon my parents house for Thanksgiving.  I left a week before Thanksgiving so that I could properly catch up with friends and family.  This meant no plane co-parenting.  I had to fly solo from San Diego to Philadelphia with the two girls, 5yrs and 1 1/2yrs.   I spent the week before the flight having nightmares and chaotic visions of food flying, children crying and passengers screaming. Let’s just say that flying with young children is one BIG...

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Holy Heck....That is not chocolate she is playing with in her car seat!

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Julie, Sabrina and Porter -  I thought I would make things easy for myself tonight.  Ryan wasn't going to be home until late so we decided to hang out with a friend and her two children after Sabrina's school.  Porter was a reck! Fussy, squirmy, loud.......I tried all the usual tricks, but nothing seemed to work.   We all walked to the Farmer's Market together.  Sabrina was picking up fallen flowers, sticks, berries, trash, she even went as far as to put someones old balloon in her mouth and try to blow it up!  Other than the dirt, she was...

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