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Eco Excellence Awards Finalist

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We are pleased to announce that Bella Bundles is a finalist among 5 other contenders for the Eco Excellence Award.   Bella Bundles prides itself on being an eco-conscious company.  We want to produce products that are made in the USA.  The fabric vendors we use are all certified and practice high business standards.  We try not to let anything go to waste.  Our "scraps" were turned into luxury wipes!  Which in turn got us nominated for a win!  We are also hoping to find a Children's non-profit organization to donate irregular sized blankets! As a mom of two and...

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Holy Heck....That is not chocolate she is playing with in her car seat!

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Julie, Sabrina and Porter -  I thought I would make things easy for myself tonight.  Ryan wasn't going to be home until late so we decided to hang out with a friend and her two children after Sabrina's school.  Porter was a reck! Fussy, squirmy, loud.......I tried all the usual tricks, but nothing seemed to work.   We all walked to the Farmer's Market together.  Sabrina was picking up fallen flowers, sticks, berries, trash, she even went as far as to put someones old balloon in her mouth and try to blow it up!  Other than the dirt, she was...

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