...And then there were 3!

To All my blog readers,

I had the best of intentions this summer to let you in on the "Day and life" of me, Bella Bundles and all that takes place in between.  Shortly after I wrote the first summer "Day and the Life" blog; I found out some news that rocked my world....frankly, good and bad....

Baby number 3 decided to make a surprise entry.  I was a bit shocked.  Soon after the shock started to wear off, I began to get a bad case of morning sickness that lasted ALL DAY.  It wasn't until 5pm did I begin to feel a bit better. By the time the kids went to bed and I had dinner, I was ready for bed!  My husband was also still on the West coast for work, so I was basically managing kids, work and morning sickness alone!  

I am almost 15 weeks pregnant now and have finally had a string of days without wanting to lay my head next to the toilet and sleep. I am still sleepy, but with nausea gone I can once again start to get back to work. 

We have a due date between March 8-12th.  We have not found out the sex yet, although the Dr. knows and is keeping it a secret for the time being.  My husband will be going to my appointment with me at the end of the month and I have a feeling he will want to know!

I will try to keep you posted on the latest and greatest with Bella Bundles and our bundle on the way!  I have attached some photos of my bump progression.  Let me just say that Holy Cow....this pregnancy is popping out much faster!

Stay tuned.......



  6weeks......Already a difference!

 10 weeks......BIG

 12 weeks......BIGGER!!!!!  They've assured me, no twins!

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  • Sarah Brown

    congrats on your news baby…Joy and happiness to you and your family!

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