Summer Journal......

Being that it is summer; my brain functions have entered the cruise control mode.  Although Bella Bundles has maintained its upward climb, blogging has become more challenging in these summer weeks.  


It occurred to me while brain storming today; I often wonder what is the day and the life like for someone who is a mom, a wife and is running a company.  Does she drive her kids to ballet and swim? Is she glamorous or does she wear workout gear all day because she doesn’t have time to change into “real” cloths? Does she go out to fancy dinners and have meetings 5 days a week?  


What I have decided to do was to take you inside the day and the life of Julie, me, owner and designer of Bella Bundles.  So, for the summer, I will write a weekly rundown and give you a glimpse into my life!


Here is a quick rewind to get you caught up:


  1. Myself and my two kids are spending our summer at the NJ shore with my parents and sister and her two children.  The husbands come for the weekends.
  2. All our kids go to camp.  My little one only goes 3 half days.
  3. I check work email first thing in the morning, get the kids ready for camp and drop them off. I then exercise and get to work until midday pick up for the little one.  She naps and then back to work until 4pm pick up for the big one.  We all play, go to the beach or just crash out!  After the kids are in bed, I eat and then back to work for an hr.. Then I veg. my brain on something light - bad TV or a good book. 
  4. I have reunited with my summer friends and when we are not busy with the kids or working, we get together for dinners and fun.
  5. All of our kids go to camp.  
  6. We celebrated my 38th birthday on June 30th with a nice dinner and wine.
  7. On July 4th my entire family, brother, sister spouses, kids and parents/ grand parents spent a day on the beach and watch the fire works.
  8. Today I spent the day in an exploratory mood. I took the car with a friend and a two year old North.  We drove to through Deal, Rumson and into RedBank, NJ.  My two year old was a trooper, but I was definitely exhausted by the end of the day.
  9. Now it is time to turn off the lights!


Stay tuned.........


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