What Are Your Summer Plans?

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Every summer I have the wonderful experience of traveling back to my childhood home for an extended vacation. I grew up on the east coast, where my parents and brother and sister still live. While I love San Diego in the summertime, I love being able to spend quality time with my sister and her two daughters, my brother and his wife, my parents and all the friends who are still there. We create new priceless and fun family memories. So every year I pack up and travel to my parent’s house with my two young daughters.

In just a couple of weeks our little motley crew will descend upon the New Jersey shore for little more than half of the summer. Now, I know what you are probably thinking...but it’s not that Jersey Shore. I like to describe our particular town as, well...a charming version of the Jersey Shore you may be imagining from that wildly popular MTV show.

Between the six of us and my two parents the scene can best be described as a circus. The days at the shore are filled with eating fresh donuts, hoagies, bagels and soft serve ice cream covered in rainbow jimmies. But, we are constantly active, moving and basically exercising all day long...so the amazing sugar and carbohydrate consumption tends to evens itself out.

The delightful experience of catching up with my life long east coast friends is something that I look forward to all year. We take trips to NYC, Philly, cape cod, basically what ever we can squeeze in to the all too fast 6-8weeks.

The one downside to this vacation; our husbands are unable to join us due to that thing called...work. Neither of our husbands have the ability to work remotely from the office. So in addition to not sharing in on the fun of the trip, they also aren't around to help! At the end of each day my sister and I end up truly exhausted.

I feel fortunate that I have the capability to leave with my family for such a long period every summer.

So in ending, what are your plans for this summer? Please fill me in about your experiences and adventures that you are planning for summer 2013.

Are you visiting friends and family? Going overseas? Taking a solo trip? I want to know all the details...



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