This Memorial Weekend

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Do you have exciting plans for this weekend? My schedule is filled with plans to go to the mountains and hike, barbeque with friends; spend family time at the beach and to enjoy the beautiful San Diego sunshine.

Itʼs easy to forget the reason why we are celebrating this long weekend. This year Iʼm making a point to explain to my two young daughters just why we celebrate Memorial Day and what it means to those whom have been directly and indirectly affected by serving in the military and defending our country.

Iʼd like to highlight another aspect to this day of memoriam- celebrating the thousands of single mothers who are without those they love, whether their loved ones are currently overseas or they have lost their lives. Their courage and strength does not go unnoticed. I do know that there are moments in every day as a mother that are overwhelming and just plain hard! However, what I do not know is the struggle of mothering children on my own. It is a cross Iʼve not had to bear. I donʼt know the intimate struggles and challenges that these women face partner-less, but I canʼt imagine itʼs easy.

Letʼs remember these women on Monday. They, too, should be recipients of our respect for all they have endured and sacrificed. We honor you too!

If you have anything to say, or add to this piece, we would love to hear about it.

Happy Memorial Day


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