Ellen DeGeneres introduces Bella Bundles for Mother's Day Giveaway!

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I am writing to you as Bella Bundles is being introduced to the world by the Ellen DeGeneres Show!

This has been a journey and a dream come true.  We went to the taping yesterday for the Mother’s Day Giveaway.  Bella Bundles was included with such name brands as: B.O.B, Britax, Ergo, 4moms, Plum Organics and more!

We arrived on the Warner Brothers lot at 3pm and were escorted to the studio.  My nerves were a exploding like fireworks.  We walked into the studio as Bethany Frankel was getting prepped for the show, people were running in circles, products were everywhere and I was agog!   There was chaos and synchrony all at the same time.

We were then taken to one of several Green Rooms where all the brand reps. and product people were sequestered.  We watched the show from the room.  We were prepped before our product aired.  It was a roller coaster of excitement.  

When the show wrapped up, we were given a tour and taken on the Ellen Stage.  I took pictures in front of where Bella Bundles was represented and looked at the sea of seats still filled with pregnant moms to be! It was such a surreal moment. 

Writing this down right now I am filled with so many emotions.  I want to scream from excitement, do a little bootie shake, cry and bow my head in gratitude.

Thank you all!!!


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