A Day At The Factory

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We are so fortunate on many levels to manufacture Bella Bundles products in California. The owner and employees at the factory are wonderful as well as being very precise in their efforts. I am always so happy every time I visit the factory because I know and see the high quality of the products they are making. I feel good that I know who the workers are....and none of them are children!

This past Thursday I spent some time at the factory with my marketing gal, Melanie, to deliver hang tags for packaging and to see the progress being made on our latest products being developed.

Bella Bundles' big announcement that is happening in two weeks is reliant on so many things coming together all at the same time. Just to give you a small glimpse into our world.....Our products being manufactured need to be finished on time, we have to make sure we have enough fabric on hand in case our orders double, all packaging materials need to be measured, cut and ready in an assembly line and inventory/ product forecasting done to the best of our abilities.......and the list goes on!

Included are some images of our day at the factory. This is where the high-quality magic happens!



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