Bella Bundles Photoshoot

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Last week Bella Bundles held two photoshoots; one staged at my home and the other on the beach in La Jolla. With 3 babies, 1 toddler, 6 four - five year olds and 7 adults in the house and on the beach, things were a little...nuts, to say the least.

The photographer and all adults had their hands full! There was crying, pooping, screaming, food spills, children wandering into the ocean with new products, etc. etc. Despite all of this and the normal obstacles that a photographer faces, we managed to get excellent photos for our new branding and marketing campaign.

The photographer was a dream. Victoria Pearce, owner of Love Like Harry Photography is a mother of three and understands the dynamics, movements and temperament of children. She captures those special moments with the perfect mixture of creativity and soft elegance; babies sleeping soundly, a child throwing a quick smile or a group running and jumping for joy.

Posted below are some photos taken during the photoshoot. It was quite the inspiring day. I look forward to sharing the new campaign with you!


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  • Victoria Pearce on

    Thanks Julie and the Bella Bundles team. I love babies, I love Bella Bundles, and I love photographs. It was fun and crazy, just the way working with children should be. Love Vix

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