Busy Bella Bundles

Whew—we have a lot coming up!

We are very happy to announce that Bella Bundles has partnered with local children’s charity, Angels Foster Family Network.  When developing the business plan for Bella Bundles it has always been a goal of mine to give a portion of proceeds to a children’s charity.  I believe in the tough yet rewarding work that Angels Foster Family Network provides for foster babies and toddlers in the San Diego area.  We will keep you updated on proceeds donated and various happenings as our relationship with the charity expands.

In sales news, Bella Bundles is soon to be sold online on two major websites: children’s store, Portlight, which will soon be found on Amazon.com and Vault, a high-end online marketplace for various select retailers. 

We are moving and growing and busy, busy.  Thank you to all supporting our burgeoning brand!


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