A World Without Elephants (part 2)

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As I have said many times, most of my great ideas come to me while I am working out. Maybe its because I can mentally relax enough and let go of all the stresses in my head. Or maybe there is nothing to distract me but the sweat dripping down my face. Either way I usually hit a “mental work zone” where problem solving and creativity flow.

Just a couple of weeks ago I wrote about a moment where I couldnt find my mental flow while in the gym. There were struggle and hardship headlines happening in the news on the TV's that were in front of me.  These stories made me feel so small and powerless.

Today, while exhausting my body I was able to rejuvenate my mind. I began, again, to think about how Bella Bundles can be such a great platform for helping to make this world a little brighter, a little better. In my business plan I had always wanted to incorporate charity work. I’ve now realized that we are finally at that point where we can begin the process of giving back.

In the next couple of months Bella Bundles will find a childrens organization or nonprofit to contribute towards. My goal is to begin by donating $1.00 from every item sold to the organization of choice. As we grow, I hope that we can increase this contribution amount.  In addition, we will also take our excess materials and work on turning those fabrics into blankets for children in need.

Now, in what is almost too much of a coincidence is that the song the “Good Life” by One Republic was once again playing on Pandora.  Only this time hearing the song didn't feel so ironic. Maybe in life we have to experience and fully understand what upsets us so that we can be motivated to help and to make a difference in our communities and in the world. 


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  • jaime june on

    Wonderful. Lovely in every way.

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