New Mom Gift Ideas

Springtime is baby time.  This time of year is when most babies are born and the baby showers are happening a-plenty.  This blog post is meant for readers that will be attending baby showers for first time moms and best gift suggestions that are of necessity for these new moms. 

Now, some of these items may not be glamorous or cute or ‘fun’ to buy but that’s OK.  In the past I’ve heard comments from new moms that nothing on their baby shower list was received; all she got were items that the guests wanted to buy for the baby.  You know what I’m talking about, the adorable dresses, pants, tops, shoes and myriad outfits that baby will most definitely look adorable in (or not—depends on whose doing the shopping!).  My advice to you dear readers is to split up the fun, adorable products YOU want to buy with the items the soon-to-be exhausted and stressed mom will NEED.  Having been a mom twice over I hereby extend my product purchasing advice to you:

·      Diapers. Diapers diapers diapers!

·      Bottles

·      Boppy or something similar

·      4 different kinds of pacifiers.  Mom and dad will want to see which one baby likes/uses.

·      Changing wipes.  SO not glamorous but sure are needed!

·      Burp cloths

·      Noise machine (Works miracles)

·      Quality bath products

·      Medical/first aid kit

·      Baby carrier

·      Swaddle blankets

·      Blanket on the go (But of course new mommy needs this!)

Happy shopping.  And be sure to let me know if you have questions!



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