A Life Without Elephants

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I go to the gym, yoga, Pilates or run almost every day. Some of you may ask why, but for me it serves two purposes. One, it is a great place for me to focus on work ideas. The second and probably more important is; it allows me to clear my head, center myself and release stress. Typically I feel uplifted after a good sweat.

However, over the past week I have had two separate experiences that have brought me to tears while working out. Quite a sight! And it wasn’t due to the extra push up I made myself do!

I thought I would bring it up in today’s blog because without awareness we learn nothing.

I was watching CNN and Fox news almost simultaneously. On CNN the segment was on the ivory trade. They told of how there is so much illegal poaching that they anticipate, due to current rates, there will be NO WILD ELEPHANTS left on the planet in TEN years! That is almost hard to believe. How could we as a human population let this happen? Where is the responsibility to our planet, our children, the animals themselves? I turned my head away fighting the tears.

I turned my vision right into the next news station showing an image of a young boy in Israel about to be shot through the lens of a sniper’s fire.  And the song that was playing at the same time during these two news segments--  “Good Life” by One Religion. The irony of it all was disturbing to me on so many levels.

What are we doing and how can we change the collective thought in a positive direction to make change?  I have my ideas, the first being to keep the message spreading to create awareness.  Secondly, as my business grows I will be donating a portion of funds to charities that affect me so profoundly.  For me, doing nothing to prevent such devastations is unthinkable and I must act.




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