Bella Bundles Advertisement In The Bump

I just received a package in the mail with a bundle (ha) of the latest edition of The Bump magazine.  I opened the package with glee because this edition features an ad from yours truly, Bella Bundles!  This is our first print advertisement with a national brand publication.


The Bump is a great resource for new moms and mom-to-be.  The magazine is distributed to OB-GYN doctor's offices across the U.S. and many other locations; the readership is a perfectly captured audience.  I trusted my decision in advertising with The Bump as it has been helpful to me during and after my pregnancies and I believe it to be helpful for those going through all stages of pre/during/post pregnancy situations.  It's a great resource for women and I'm happy to support the publication and see the Bella Bundles' advertisement on the magazine's pages.

Take a look at our ad and the cover shown below and be sure to share your thoughts with us!  We take strong interest in consumer feedback.



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