Dolce & Gabbana Perfume For Babies. WHAT THE...?

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I read an article last week reporting on a new Dolce & Gabbana fragrance for babies. Yep, you read that right—FRAGRANCE FOR BABIES. The ‘scented water’ contains notes of melon, citrus and honey and will set you back $45. But hey, that’s the price you pay for your baby to smell haute couture, right?

While speaking of a baby’s scent, I’m pretty sure the natural essence of a babe is a quality that is enjoyed and treasured by most. It’s a unique smell that is fleeting; lasting for a small period of time until the baby soon turns into a toddler than a child than a teenager and on and on. It is one of the many special traits of babyhood that is universally enjoyed; a cherished aroma to be appreciated, coveted and never covered up. The launch of this baby perfume is the equivalent of hanging an original Picasso in the garage right next to the lawnmower, weed whacker and car.

Don’t get me wrong; I know there are plenty of un-enjoyable non-fragrant notes of wretchedness that those tiny little bodies can produce. But slapping on some eau de toilette every time baby poops it’s pants will have you running through those $45 bottles faster than you can throw on a diaper!

Call me old fashioned but I prefer the smell of my youngest baby girl au natural. She is just growing out of the baby stage and entering into toddlerhood. If I could capture her current baby scent and put it in a bottle I would do it in a heartbeat. When the not-so-far-away future arrives, when she’s out of the house, in college and living her adult life away from us parents I would happily open that bottle of pure baby essence and reminisce of the days when she was just a sweet, sweet, wee lil' babe.

Now that’s a scent you just can’t put a price on. 


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