Re-VIEW, Post-Tradeshow Report

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Hi Bella Bundles Friends,

Last week was our big debut in our first business-to-business tradeshow at the California Market Center in downtown LA. We had high hopes and expectations for a great debut, showcasing our products to retail buyers from the west coast and beyond.

Unfortunately, my after-show report doesn’t include many positive stories. Firstly, there were zero buyers in attendance. ZERO. Big goose egg! The penthouse level floor where the show was held was beautiful; white, bright and an open loft style space that would have looked fantastic had the show functioned as planned. Secondly, we were told there would be over 200 vendors showcasing their various products. However, there were a total of only 20 exhibitors, including Bella Bundles. The huge loft space was e-m-p-t-y. Needless to say it was a discouraging start to our trade show business ventures.

However, I’m not one to get disheartened with events such as this. I understand that launching a new business is not going to always be a smoothly paved road and it will take persistence, vigilance, patience and determinedness while on our path to success.

Now, for the positive aspects of the show; we connected with business owners who were also exhibiting (and disappointed) for the 4 days we were in LA. We shared contacts, swapped information on different events for PR exposure and in general, made new friends that I look forward to seeing and working with again.

To give you a visual explanation of just how dead the VIEW show was, I’ve included a couple of pictures of the empty, sad hallways.

On the plus side, the NYC-based Playtime trade show is coming up ever so quickly. I can say with much confidence that this event will be busy, inspiring and will end with plenty of great reports on success for Bella Bundles on the east coast!



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