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I’m fortunate in that I have always had a love affair with exercise. I know for some people, OK... most people, dedicating the time and energy to physical fitness can be a drain or just a pain. As a former exercise and Pilates trainer, I had many clients that I knew did not want to be at the gym sweating it out for an hour.

The time that I spend daily on my workouts is not only the clichéd ‘me time’ but a great way to work through life’s stressful moments, a time to spend reflecting on decisions that need to be made, or just a way to space out and listen to my iPod. It’s a treat for me.

Whether a fitness lover or not, after giving birth to a baby getting back into the fitness routine (or starting one) can prove to be a daunting task. I’ve been around new moms recently and they have all asked for advice on getting in shape post-baby. Here are the tips that I shared with them:

1. Get out and get moving. Start walking with baby in stroller or carrier. Even if it’s evening time and the air is cold and crisp, just do it. The exercise and fresh air can be an excellent sleep aid. Explore your neighborhood for hilly areas that can increase impact during short walks. Plus, pushing the stroller up hill is an added benefit for the arms.

2. Alone time is needed as a new mom. When my girls were babies I bought 6 exercise DVD’s and watched them during the girls’ naptime. Some days I did a 20-minute workout, other days I pushed through to 45 minutes.

3. As soon as my girls each turned 6 months, I signed back up for the gym. I enjoy the 1-2 hours I am able to spend alone with my thoughts. And-don’t be afraid to leave your kids in the gym daycare. This time spent physically exerting yourself and boosting endorphins is much needed and the rewards are tremendous!

Have any fitness questions for me? Please ask!


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