Grateful Day

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I decided to dedicate this weeks blog to a grateful day.  We hear these two clichés often enough; "take time to smell the roses and be grateful for what you have."  No matter how hard we try, sometimes we just get caught up in the chaos and forget.  

I heard a wise woman say the other day that she used to journal every day a few things she was grateful for and her life indeed was beautiful and bountiful.  After sometime, she too got carried away in busy demands of life and stopped journaling.  The joy that she had in her life wasn't as full and that is when she remembered how important it was for her to journal.  She needed to take the time and be grateful every day.  

I am not suggesting that everyone journal, but it is nice to stop for a moment every day and look at the things to be grateful for even on those days when things aren't so great.

I decided to ask my daughter what she was grateful for and at the age of 5 she responded with something so profound.  She was grateful for her heart.  She could have said her toys or her princesses or her pink dresses, but she said her heart.  

So today, don't get carried away in the chaos, take a moment and smell the roses and find something to be grateful for!

What I am grateful for today:

1. Silence

2. A nice conversation and good cup of coffee with a close friend

3. A sweaty yoga class

4. My husband giving me a moment to enjoy those things.


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  • Glod on

    These are beautifuI ptoohs! I am so excited I found your blog today! I look forward to going back and reading your older post! I would love for you to check out my blog and tell me what you think! I’m also having a giveaway you might like. I look forward to getting to know you through this crazy blog worl!!Thank youNAt

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