How to fly home for the holidays with kids......

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 How to fly home for the holidays with kids......


Every Thanksgiving my sister and brother and our ever growing families descend upon my parents house for Thanksgiving.  I left a week before Thanksgiving so that I could properly catch up with friends and family.  This meant no plane co-parenting.  I had to fly solo from San Diego to Philadelphia with the two girls, 5yrs and 1 1/2yrs.  

I spent the week before the flight having nightmares and chaotic visions of food flying, children crying and passengers screaming. Let’s just say that flying with young children is one BIG reason I am not fully signed up for another baby!  Those 5 hours are very, very long.  

You see, I have flown with the kids before, actually many times. Which is why I know of a million likely scenarios.  All which have happened at some point to me or friends with their children.  I planned and prepared as well as I could.  I had new toys, old toys, snacks, videos, crayons, markers, drawing paper, books.  And of course you can’t forget the “Dr.‘s supply” of lollipops for ear popping pain, Advil for any random fevers, Benadryl for any unexpected allergy, a change of clothes for any barfing or overflowing diapers, tissues, wipes.  You name it I had it.  I looked like the baby bag lady boarding the plane!  

One crucial thing I learned from past experience,  flying cross country with a toddler on your lap is like asking for torture from small, irrational and highly charged little people.  Something crazy happens to toddlers when they are contained in one place for more than 30 minutes. However, a car seat might be the exception.  I think they just know that there is no escape? So, my toddler had her own seat this time.  

An hour into the flight it was at her normal nap time, so I made the decision to try to put her down for an in-flight nap.  I always travel with the Blanket On The Go, so when nap time came I attached the blanket over the car seat and the baby was in a quiet, safe and dark car seat cave.  She fell asleep for 2 hours!  I couldn’t believe it.  I had my 5 year old eating snacks and watching movies and my 1 1/2yr. old was asleep.  It was a miracle. I even got to watch a movie.  The other 3 hours were filled with shuffling between activities, snacks and me singing off key like a very bad contestant from American Idol.  But there were no screams, tantrums, vomiting or mommy melt downs.

It was an exhausting trip, but I have to say I am so glad I was fully prepared and that my little ones did a great job.  Let’s hope the trip home goes this well.....

     waiting for the plane.......

     baby fell asleep in car seat, under Blanket On The Go

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  • Damian on

    Silly? You want to hear silly? Dd4 was told to brush her teeth before bed…this is how the cionersatovn went:Mom: G, go brush your teethG: I can’tMom: why not?G: my toothbrush is in the laundry roomMom: Why is it in the laundry room?G: I don’t knowMom: how did it get there?G: I put it down the heater (vent)What I want to know is what are these kids thinking??I could tell so many more!!

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