This is my life - one day at a time June 2

"Life should sometimes imitate sprinklers, simple, whimsical and fun"

 Julie - Last weekend was Memorial Day weekend.  I was feeling hum glum because we had no exciting plans to go out of town and no set plans in town.  However, the weekend ended up being perfect.  We were quite busy swimming together, running through the sprinklers in the back yard and visiting with friends and neighbors. To top it all off I even got to go to Yoga and Pilates and have a little ME time.  

The lesson here is to not plan every moment. That good things do happen when you relax and to sometimes let the day plan you!  

Sabrina - We put the sprinklers on in the back yard last weekend for you to run around and play.  And that you did!  Our good friends came over, C.P. and her girls. You ran circles around JJ and sung about "beautiful butterflies" at the top of your lungs for about 30 minutes.  You made us all dizzy!

Porter - You were drawn to the sprinklers like a moth to a flame.  There was no way around it, I had to put my bathing suit on and run in the sprinklers with you in my arms.  You had so much fun!  You giggled and squealed, wiggled and flailed to the cascading water.  In the end we were both tired and cold.  

Porter -On a side note: You have discovered this Teradactle like screetch. It drives me bonkers because you do it all day, anywhere anytime.  We went to the grocery store and you were "that baby."  The baby that everyone stops and thinks...."who, where, what is that baby doing and why isn't her mom putting a stop to it....." Yes that was us.  You screetched throughout the store, trying to pull things off the shelf, out of my cart and onto the floor.  Everyone was staring.  This little girl, about the age of 3, pointed to us and said, "Mommy, there is the baby that is making all the noise." Yup, that was us.  

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