One day at a time - May 24th

 Julie - Feeling pretty off today.  Pretty much wanted to yank my uterus out.  Second time since I stopped breast feeding that my "monthly visitor" came.  It's been nearly two years since I have had to deal with this.  Amazing,...two years.  Between being pregnant and breast feeding, oh how time flies.

Sabrina -  I used to take you to school every morning, but daddy started taking after the Fall because Porter was missing her nap and spending too much time in the car.  I took you to school this morning, my you've grown.  You used to cling to me, literally and figuratively.  You would often cry as I would head out of those metal gates.  My heart would always reach out to you because you looked a bit nervous and so little standing on that big playground. Today, you left me.  You were off with you friends and while I am so proud that you have grown, my heart cried a little because my little girl didn't seem so little anymore.

Porter - We practiced walking a bunch today.  You even let go of my hands a couple of times and stood there on your own.  You were so proud just to stand there, you started to clap.  I think you are a pretty funny girl.

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