I wonder how I got sick?

 I thought I had escaped it.  You know it well, the cold that hits one family member after another until no one is left standing.  Everyone in my family had been sick the week before.  I was feeling strong and invincible.  That was until my husband had to go away Halloween weekend and I was left with the two kids.  It was up to me and me alone to juggle a school carnival and parade, a halloween birthday party, a halloween block party, nap times, food times, tantrum times and bed times.........solo.  

Let’s just say that a school carnival, although adorable, is CRAZY.  Combining a half day of school, tons of kids, costumes, sugar, games, a petting zoo and pony rides into a small playground was chaotic.   I suppose if I didn’t have a 7 month old who didn’t need to eat and sleep the same time as the carnival.  And I didn’t have a daughter who is afraid of large crowds and anything scary, the carnival could have been fun.  I ended up breast feeding my youngest in a classroom while my other daughter melted down in a tantrum because we weren’t outside at the carnival with her classmates.  When we did get outside all was manageable mayhem.  That was until my daughter wanted to go into the haunted house.  We made it to the front door.  We heard screams, saw darkness, she jumped on my leg and didn’t let go...... and that was when we decided to go home.  

Saturday afternoon we went to a Halloween birthday party.  Once again, my youngest needed to eat and sleep just as the party began.  My 4 year old literally clung herself to my leg and refused to leave my side.  All the other children were happily playing on the playground. Her friends tried to convince her to play chase or go down the slide, but she wasn’t moving from my side.  We finally ended up on the swings where I held one and pushed the other for hours.  I don’t know how to explain it other than it was exhausting.   By 2:30 we were in full melt down mode and had to bust out of the party before the cupcakes. 

We got back to the house just in time to take an hour break and then join the neighbors in our neighborhood block party.  

More costumes, more games, more candy.  There was a young boy wearing a costume and mask from the movie scream.  The mask had blood running down its face.  We now refer to him as “Blood Face.”  Needless to say my daughter and three other kids screamed at the top of their lungs and ran into the bushes or the arms of a waiting parent.  The boy wearing the mask even ended up crying because he was so upset that he scared the little kids! I must admit, the whole scene was quite funny.

Sunday we were all in a coma.  I made breakfast and turned on a movie.  

Sunday night came and so did my sore throat, stuffy head and pure exhaustion.  

It turns out I am not invincible. 

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