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 I can’t believe I am about to admit this, because undoubtedly you will think I am a bit looney.  I assure you that after two kids, a business and not enough sleep, I probably am.  

I work out weekly at the gym.  In fact, most of my good business ideas come to me mid-sweat.   However, quite a lot of random thoughts and impulses enter my brain too.  For example, do you ever get the urge to just get off that treadmill and start dancing to the music on your ipod?  Do the Black Eyed Peas ever make you want to shake your booty......at the gym?  I imagine myself like I was in a movie and it would be totally normal for me to just jump up and down, pull out some Beyonce moves and not have parts of me inappropriately shake!  Also, in this odd scenario, I can also dance.  Everyone else instead of staring at me and then calling the police to have me arrested, would join in like one big flash mob.  Does anyone else have this strange impulse?  

I think for the time being I will keep my dance moves in the privacy of our home, where my daughter and I can boogie, shake and jump to our own special beat.

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  • jennifer on

    you crack me up! the other day at barre class they played vanilla ice and i was thinking about busting out the running man, but thought maybe people may think i’m crazy:) xoxo

  • Bonnie on

    This post got me shake’n my booty right now :)) love it!

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