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One of our most popular items is the ‘Blanket on the Go. The unique design came from the need for a more functional blanket while in motion with your baby. Our blanket can snap onto any carrier, stroller or can turn into a nursing cover.

We have been hitting the town with the ‘Blanket on the Go’ and wanted to show you just how useful this blanket really is to busy moms!  

A few weeks ago my parents were in town.  The weather was very warm and we were constantly on the go.  I used the light weight BOG as a sun shade while out sight seeing.  I also used it as a nursing cover during a mid-day lunch.  Check out the BOG snapped onto my stroller as a sun shade.


On a cooler day this past week I snapped the plush BOG onto my BOB and went for a run.  My daughter was snug as a bug and I didn’t have to worry about stopping mid- run because the blanket was dragging.


These last photos are at Posies and Ponies, a great children’s boutique in La Jolla that carries Bella Bundles.  Check out their website:


Send us your photos with your Bella Bundles and we would love to see them!

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